I love styled shoots and editorials, In fact I am a little obsessed! I love scanning magazines looking at inspirational shoots, the way tables are dressed, the cutlery used, candleabras, the lush textured fabrics, beautiful flower styling, stationary designs, pantone colours of the year and of course the amazing dresses or ensembles used! (anything beaded, golden, sequinned, backless and in two pieces are my favourite)

I am a huge fan of Clayton Austin, and I love that he more recently has put these types of shoots together himself, everything from the flowers, cake, stationary and even sometimes couture dresses are made by the man himself. I am no Clayton Austin in more ways than one but I am definitely interested in the idea of the collections and styling I have in my head coming to fruition by my hands alone, apart from the cake, I would BURN the cake but I have a very talented cake baking sister.

So myself and Anna headed off on a beautiful ochre evening last summer and I put a few things together last minute, its by no means perfect but I enjoyed it immensely and it gave me confidence that I could given the appropriate time put together something beautiful and hopefully inspiring.

Viewer alert! These are going to make you want it to be summer, even I want it to be summer!

Let me know what you think!




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