I am trying so hard to get caught up on everything and cannot wait to share so many beautiful weddings with you all, I have had the best season –  full of amazing stories, tears and days of sheer joy! I am enjoying this more and more, I didn’t think that was even possible.

A wedding is actually quite relaxing for me, I am quite the thinker. Things (of no real importance) race through my head on a daily basis –  all sorts of rubbishy  things like how the word bed looks like a bed and what it would be like to use your eyelashes as paintbrushes. haha! Yip just random gibberish! So its wonderful to be at a wedding and be completely immersed in the moments and seconds that are the day. I try very consciously to stay there in the now of whats happening and avoid all thoughts about whats to come or times and limitations which is why I think I feel so relaxed on the day  I often come home and think ‘Was I even really there’ but I was and nearly always it has been amazing.

Conor and Aileen’s day was definitely one of the highlights of the season, started off at her beautiful farm home with lots of lovely aunts and family round to wish her well, thee cutest flower girl ever, I think I have as much flowergirl prep as I do bridal prep! She was just the sweetest little girl, children really do make a wedding day for me, I just love their chat and they understand the magic of it all!

It was then off to the beautiful gardens at the Tullylagan where we had a dog set us a challenge of how many shots we could take before he was back with the stick for us to throw again! 🙂 I loved Aileen’s dress, I LOVE LOVE LOVE embellishment and beading and sequinn, it talks to me and the fabric was the nicest flowing material ever. I honestly think I need a full day locked in a room with a couple of beaded dresses (maybe packhams) and just go crazy, have about 39000 photos of dresses and fabric and flowingness and light and swishyness. would be amazing!

I think I might be hitting gibberish territory so I will go now, enjoy, share, like,swipe, double click and happy Thursday!

Jayne xxx
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