” Jamie and I were so anti photographer, but I am so glad we decided to ‘meet a photographer and see how we feel’ and until we met you we weren’t going to have a photographer. Boy am I glad we did have a photographer and I’m even more glad it was you! “

I don’t often share thank you’s or responses from couples as I find them so personal. I feel those words are meant for me and only me.

I’m sharing Claire’s only because part of me cannot believe that this wedding might not have been photographed. Hard to imagine that Claire’s happy tears in the morning, the electric love felt in Mussenden Temple and the moment Claire’s dad surprised her with the amazing Troy (her childhood horse) would have been lost. Especially as not long after the wedding Troy sadly passed away, and as painful as this is I am sure Claire will treasure those photos of the last time they were together.

It’s been said in thousands of posts by thousands of photographers but always worth repeating for the millionth time.

I felt so honoured to be there to witness such love and warmth, the electric feeling of being in that room as Claire and Jamie said ‘I do’ surrounded by friends and family in a temple on a cliff edge on a wet and windy day in Ireland is something that will stay with me forever.

Boy am I glad they did have a photographer and boy am I glad it was me.

Jayne x



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