Twenty Sixteen.

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My Sweet Twenty Sixteen.

I trekked through a forest in Koh Samui  for hugs with massive amazing Elephants.  I touched their beautiful tree bark skin and got up close to those snuffalufugusy eyelashes (they are sooooo long and wispy and thicker than you’d think) . I escaped death after riding in the back of the most questionable truck open aired, no seat belt, up huge hills at 90 miles per hour to sleep in a house in a tree with a gecko called Paul. I somehow navigated the roads in Bangkok, which given I can hardly cross friggin’ Broughshane Street in the town unaccompanied was no mean feat.

I saw 7 millon tulips in bloom at the Keukenhof gardens in Amsterdam – oh the colours! and had the best meal of my life (so far) at a Indonesian restaurant there also, if you haven’t experienced ”Rijsttafel” then you must immediately go and book yourself in, its literally 40 small dishes of the tastiest things known to man. I am not sure it can be topped.

I took a boat to Rathlin Island for the first time on the most beautiful day, drank guinness and my dad heated soup on a little gas ring, not sure soup was the most appropriate lunch given the heat but it was super lovely. My new years resolution was to see more of Ireland, there are so many places I would like to visit, with Achill Island being top of the list, I would also like to catch a fish, cook it and eat it, maybe I can find somewhere near Achill and kill 2 fish with one stone, so to speak.

I took a horse and cart trip at night under the stars in Krakow with someone I truly love, pity this person is a lovely friend and not a hilarious viking of a man but you know it was still lovely and she can be marginally funny at times (hi chloe :)) and drank what felt like the entire chocolate river from charlie and the chocolate factory.

I stood in absolute awe and amazement in really fetching scrubs as new life was brought into this world, nothing will ever prepare you for what its like to watch that through a view finder, I was there for his very first breath and those moments with his mum after will stay with me forever. Imagine having a photo of the first time meeting your mum ever!? So special.

I have stood quietly by as couples have declared mad love for each other.

I have seen tears and whoops of joy, those ‘going to puke’ laughs alongside the ‘my heart hurts because you aren’t here’ sadness. I will be forever grateful for this.

I have this irrational fear that I might be blinded in some sort of freakish  – a4 paper falling from a height and cutting my eyes into shreds horror story and as much as I can have a giggle at how ridiculous that sounds its still my biggest fear.

Special thanks to all of my brides and grooms and their families for letting me be there, for the cups of tea, for the pat on the arm checking I am ok, for the ,don’t worry if you completely wrecked my living room rearranging the sofas for a shot’ reassurance and for the sympathetic looks at 10pm at night, and of course the trust, always the trust.


(I suggest listening to Peter Gabriel’s ‘Book of Love’ whilst perusing this) ALL THE FEELS!

Jayne xxx


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You made it!!  Congratulations,

Jayne xxx