Ronan and Claire at Cliff at Lyons

The smiles! Oh the smiles! I don’t think I have ever had such a smiley happy couple get married. Claire and Ronan smiled the whole day, ate oysters, drank Guinness and had the craic with all their loved ones in the sun. Perfect Wedding Day Goals!

Cliff at Lyons is one of my favourite wedding venue in the South. That tiny little chapel is like something from a fairytale and theres always so many different flowers and climbing roses which are my absolute favourite!

Claire and Ronan had a humanist wedding service with a hand fasting ceremony included. Humanist Weddings are now legal in N.I which I am delighted about as they just make for the most amazing photos. Everything is so personal and they really help to include all your guests in the service.

So big thanks to Claire and Ronan for having me join in the smiles and festivities! Its so important to let the stress and details of the weeks before go before your actual wedding day and just smile and enjoy it all!