Holly and John at Ballymagarvey VillageBallymagarvey Village


From the peaceful morning preparations to the amazing galaxy chocolate featuring service , the incredible weather we got at Ballymagarvey, the creamy sunset and the quiet dancing underneath the stars, this was the most perfect day.

Holly and John are two of the most beautiful people inside and out (thats pretty apparent below :)) they were just so happy and free on the day. That freedom to allow the joy to happen is one of the hardest things to control on a wedding day. I can find the light and perfect backdrop and help create connections but I can’t make couples feel truly free and genuinely connected. More often than not my favourite images are ones where couples look free of thought and full of joy. This is what drives my work. Those photos where everyone looks like themselves and brings a smile to your face

This was my first time at Ballymagarvey Village and boy did it deliver, obviously the beautiful sun helped it shine but I think it would be equally stunning in the autumn months when all the trees have changed colour. I love all the foliage and brickwork and the amazing conservatory area would be perfect for portraits on a rainy day! I can’t wait to get back again next year 🙂

Now sit back and relax this is a biggie but there were just so many that I loved.

Hope you do too!

J x